Gravestone Recording

Summers Family 1873

The remaining gravestones in St.Mary’s Churchyard were surveyed by Frances Penney + Dood Pearce from 1982-1987. These records have now been digitised, and the gravestones re-photographed to create digital copies which can be sent anywhere in the world on request. The Newent Cemetery Burial Records have been transcribed from 1865-2014 and indexed; the Grave records have also been digitally copied to enable quick access and again can be sent anywhere in the world. The Old Section of the Cemetery (Plots 1-1484) have been surveyed, recorded, and photographed before the inscriptions disappear, as has New Section Plots B 1-148.   Work is about to start on New Section C.  The Churchyard at Cliffords Mesne, has also been surveyed and all the graves recorded and indexed. Their Burial records have also been digitally copied, transcribed, and indexed.  If you would like to become involved with this work, please contact Martin Brown 01531 820 895 or Dood Pearce 01531 821 398.

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