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18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Mark Golledge says:

    Hi ,
    Could you tell me where I can find a map showing the Littleford area in the 18th and 17th centuries please. Have tried the internet , no joy. Recently bought a property here and trying to find out it’s age .

    Mark 07798638388

    • ianto says:

      Thanks Mark for your request. I have forwarded it to the 2 people who might have the info
      BW Ian

      • melanie gibson says:

        My name is Melanie Gibson, I have been trying to contact Mark Golledge, If he bought the property in Littleford, called Merrylees, formally Littleford house, before my parents renamed it, I know where he can find the history of the house. I live in Standish and my phone number is 01452 728 849.

        • ianto says:

          Sorry about delay Melanie
          Covid has shut the society down for some time. I suggest you write to Mark Golledge at Marrylees and see if you get a reply as I can’t find any contact details for him.
          best wishes Ian Cocks

  2. Peter Rochford says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone had an old photo of the Fish & Chip shop which was owned by Mr Alfred Meek, the chip shop was in the premises where the small Cobblers pub now is. If anyone has a photo of the chip shop in the 1950’s I would love to see it.
    Kind regards,
    Pete Rochford – Chairman of The Joe Meek Society

    • ianto says:

      Sorry to have missed this Pete. There are two members who may well have a photo – I will forward your email
      best wishes Ian Cocks

    • ianto says:

      Hi Pete
      I have checked and this question has been asked before so I have had two quick unfortunately negative replies. there is one before it was a fish and chip shop otherwise the photos are of the opposite side of the street.
      Sorry about that – best wishes Ian

  3. Gill Webb says:

    I am the chairman of the Gloucester Arts and Crafts group. We run a Summer School at Newent Community School , 29th July -2nd August 2019, which has 24 different arts and crafts courses. I was wondering if there is anyway your members could be notified about us. We are a non-profit making organisation with charitable status, ( Reg Charity No 1069039). Because of this our overheads are low and we can offer courses at a much reduced rate, although the quality of what we offer is exceptionally high. The organisation is carried out by volunteers. All courses are taught by experienced tutors, artists in their own right. We are only open for adults. Our organisation has been doing this for 39 years.
    Further details can be found on our website

  4. Mr M Hartshorn says:

    Hi , My great grand mother passed away in Newent in 1926 , at the time of her death she was Mrs Mary Ann Flower . I have a good history up until her third husband Alfred Flower ( the publican at the Swan Hotel Staunton ) passed away in 1918 . The year 1918 – 1926 are a complete blank . Any information would be very welcome . Best wishes M

    • ianto says:

      Hello Mr Hartshorn
      I will pass your question onto our chairman Dood Pearce – there won’t be a better person in Newent to answer your question if they can
      best wishes Ian Cocks

  5. Ian Hible says:


    Do your publications “Chspters in Newent History” cover the outlying villages of Linton, Gorsley, Upton Bishop, Kempley, Dymock?

    The reason I ask, is a large number of my Ible / Ibell family ancestors appear to have lived in those places for several centuries and I am keen to find out more about the area.

    I look forward to hearing from you .

  6. Diane Davies says:

    Hi my grandad came from Newent, he and his family where very big theatre goers and in fact 2 of his sisters where on the stage at some point in early 1900s. My one great aunt collected memorabilia from trips to the theatres and I have 2 autograph albums full of photos, verse and autographs early 1900s. I would like to know who I could contact about them as I believe that I could have some significant documents.
    Thank you very much

    • ianto says:

      Hi Diane
      I’ll pass this onto Dood Pearce our chairman who will be very interested I am sure
      best wishes Ian Cocks

  7. June baldwin says:

    Hi there I am part o f the Cooper and Smith family who lived at Glebe road in the 60’s and 13 watery lane around 194onwards My grand father was John Thomas Cooper and my father was John Thomas Cooper who married Elizabeth Smith in 1930 . my other grandfather was Charles Smith who was married to Irene Smith . I am doing my family tree and have found info that they were a very well known family . My great great aunt was LouieWitts who lived in church cottage which is now the good news centre. My uncle Lossie Smith or Laurence Smith also lived there in the 70’s .My great great grandfather George Smith was a silver Smith and had a office/ lived opposite the market house .Have you any information that I can have to help me fill in my family past.I have photos of parties and get together I think from memory in the parish rooms or the memorial hall but as both my parents are dead no information.If you can help I would be delighted and I am so interested in piecing the jigsaw together. Bob Bisco was a name my family talked a lot about. Thank you in Anticipation .

    • ianto says:

      Hi June – I will pass your request onto Dood Pearce our chairman who might be interested in seeing/copying the photos and may have some more information
      Regards Ian Cocks

  8. Nikki Mansell Day says:

    Hello there,
    I am trying to find out about people who I believe are my ancestors. I wonder whether you hold any information about leather working families in Newent the 17th century. I believe I am descended from Samuel Mansell who was a leatherworker and according to later census documents was born in Newent. Are there any records that go back to just before the turn of the 18th Cent? Many thanks,

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