The Society has access to the following items relating to Newent:-

  • Transcriptions of Newent wills kept in the National Archives (1497-1855)
  • List of Newent people granted the freedom of Gloucester (1641-1838)
  • 63 Family trees
  • Rating lists (1809-1813)
  • Electoral roll(1831-32)
  • 1851 census
  • 1881 list of workhouse residents
  • Transportees to Australia (1783-1842)
  • Overseers of the poor index (1686-1880)
  • List of Newent wills in Gloucestershire Archives
  • Names index for Chapters in Newents History Vol I (3,000 names)
  • Memorial inscriptions for Newent Church and Churchyard
  • Memorial inscriptions for Oxenhall Church and Churchyard
  • Bishops transcripts (1597-1670)
  • Parish Registers (1672-1948)
  • Oxenhall Parish Registers (1665-1780)
  • Newent Congregational Church Memorial inscriptions
  • Bigland Churchyard Survey c1810 (includes gravestones now lost)
  • Pigots Directory 1830 and 1844
  • Kelly’s Directory 1927
  • Index of Foley Estate records in Hereford Records Office
  • Transcription of the Survey of the Manor 1624
  • Newent people mentioned in documents in the National Archives
  • Probate Inventories in Gloucestershire Archives
  • Times Newspaper articles mentioning Newent (1785-1985)
  • Local Newspaper articles mentioning Newent (1980-2010)
  • Many copies of wills, deeds, and other documents
  • NewentCemetery Records from 1865
  • Many books, photographs and maps


18 Responses to Archive

  1. Diane Alton says:

    I would like information on the Jellyman and also Dee families.
    Have you any information? Is it worth me joining ?
    Yours faithfully
    Diane Alton

    • ianto says:

      Hello Diane – I’ll forward your query to Dood Pearce who has the archives. Joining depends on whether you want to come to the talks and maybe go on summer visits ( see this year’s programme on the website )
      best wishes Ian Cocks

  2. John Payne says:

    Hello. My aunt, late Olive Bartlam, bought the cottage ‘Bannock Tree’, Kilcot, around 1940, where she lived with her parents, Benjamin and Sarah Bartlam, now all buried at Aston Ingham church.
    They knew the area because her uncle Walter Frederick Robinson (mother’s brother) had taken Quarry Farm, a smallholding on the Aston Ingham Road, with his wife Alice and their adopted daughter Eva some time in the 1920s. He also worked as a hairdresser in Newent; I believe the shop was where the current black and white fish and chip shop now stands.
    Walter’s brother had also had Hinders Farm, Huntley for some period before 1924, when he sold up and emigrated to Australia, with his son Frederick and his wife Gwendolyn, nee Halford, who married at Westbury on Severn.
    The brothers had grown up in Birmingham and had no farming experience so it’s a mystery why and how they bought farms down there, albeit small ones !
    It is known that they gave up Quarry Farm around 1932? and Eva married Harry Cutter of Oaks Lane. Alice had died and Walter lived thenceforth with the Eva and Harry. Any help in locating them in records much appreciated
    I started looking for Kelly’s Directories to see if Walter is there as a farmer or hairdresser, or both, and if any records show when he took possession of Quarry Farm

  3. John Payne says:

    sorry that was so long! I didn’t have enough room left to say please and thank you. It seemed necessary to include all that – any help or suggestions appreciated. I now live up in Lancaster so not easy to get down there.

  4. Ian Cocks says:

    Hi John
    I will forward your query to Dood Pearce the chairman. He is the most likely person to help

  5. Jason says:

    hello, I am doing a bit of research regarding the historic development newent specifically the area between southends farm and newents core, would you happen to be able to point me in the direction of any historic map sources (pre 1840s), and any information perhaps on the placement of the medieval abbey. thank you very much in advance.

  6. Natasha Dainton-Bateson says:

    Can you tell me if there is a Richard Cromwell, died December 1863, buried in the churchyard, please?
    Thank you.

  7. Julie Johns says:

    My ancestor John Canning from Frampton on Severn was apprenticed as a cooper to Samuel Budding in 1799. Any information relevant to this person/occupation/business would interest me. Julie

  8. Valerie Haynes says:

    Hello, Would you have any information relating to the family of Stephen & Susannah Morgan, married in Pauntley in 1892? Lydia, their daughter b. 1799 Dymock, was the first wife (m. Dec. 1826 at Linton) of George Williams of Raglan, Monmouthshire. After Lydia’s death (childless) in 1834 George married her sister (?) Ann Morgan. From census records b.1809 or 1810 Newent/Botloe’s Green, but I cannot find any trace of her birth. Their marriage witness is Samuel Morgan, possibly brother b.1806 Newent. Letticia Dible nee Morgan is named in a census as their daughter (also named) Lydia’s aunt, and William Morgan b. 1808 Newent also moved to Raglan. Stephen Morgan is recorded as a freeholder in Compton/Bran Green from the early 1800’s to 1821. Stephen and Susannah both listed in the Overseers Index 1828 Hartpury (Stephen buried Hartpury 1831). I cannot find any burial record for Susannah. Any snippets of information would be very gratefully received. Many thanks, Valerie

  9. Peter Rochford says:

    Hello to you all and happy new year.
    A long shot I know, but does anyone know a David & Pamela Skeffington who married on 3rd April 1954, they held their wedding reception at Clifford Manor. David had a Brother named Peter, sadly this the only information I have but if anyone knows of them both or knows of their family, I would very much like them to contact me please as I have something that maybe of interest to them or their family.
    Many thanks and kind regards.
    Pete Rochford.

    • ianto says:

      Hello Peter
      I will send your request onto Dood Pearce who is most likely to help if he can
      best wishes Ian Cocks

  10. Ian pike says:

    Hi am interested in any information you may have archived concerning the Hartle family. Thomas Hartle was the postmaster and I would be interested in any further information you might have from their time in Newent. We also have Hartle who went to Australia and that would be interesting too. Please let me know next steps. Thanks Ian

  11. Valerie Haynes says:

    Hello, I hope you can help me in a muddle with Morgans? My G3grandfather George Williams of Llangeview/Raglan married Lydia Morgan b.1799, daughter of Stephen and Susanna (Grundy) of Pauntley/Hartpury at Linton in 1828. She died in 1834, and George then married Ann Morgan. Ann gives her birthpace as Botloe’s Green on the 1851 census, as Newent on the 1861 census, and her birthdate is c.1810. Susanna Morgan was buried at Raglan, Stephen at Hartpury. I am wondering if Ann may be an unrecorded daughter of Stephen and Susanna? Or is she Ann Morgan b. 1807 to John and Sarah Morgan of Dymock? Many thanks.

  12. Simon Harper says:

    Would anyone be able to help with an Ann(e) Harper from Newent? I think her son James was baptised 11th Spetember 1814 and Henry was baptised in the local church as well on December 14th 1817 but i believe there was more than one Ann(e) and I am struggling to find more information. I think she was in the poor house in 1814.

  13. Jason Fisher says:

    I am trying to locate any birth information relating to my Great Grandfather George F Warren who was born in Newent or Clifford Mense about 1855. Unfortunately this is the only information I have and I am desperately trying to find more information about him, his parents and any siblings,

  14. Peter Billingham says:

    Good morning
    I am putting together my family tree named Billingham (bullingham) and have found that they may have originated in Newent / Taynton area.

    I notices in your archive area you had mentioned 63 family trees and i was wondering if one of these might relate to Billingham. A moe current tree etc would be grateful but for your info – the oldest record I have found is = Records show the marriage of William Bullingham & Magdalen
    Lawrence in Newent on the 29th. November 1623. She is
    recorded as Magdalen Billingham on her 1674 death record. The next is a John Billingham born 1645.
    I would appreciate any help or thoughts..

    Kind regards
    Peter Billingham
    Melbourne AU

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