Llancaiach Fawr

  Members went on a coach trip to Llancaiach Fawr manor near Merthyr Tydfil in July. This is a medieval manor house set in the time of the Civil War in the 17th century.  The house is complete with period furniture, household implements and servants in each room.  They were all dressed in period costume and told us about there work and answered questions. All of this as if it was still 1652. It was like going back 350 years. 

      Staffordshire Regiments Museum

In August members visited the Staffordshire Regiments Museum near Lichfield. After tea and coffee served in NAAFI mugs we were given a guided tour around some World War I trenches complete with sound effects. The tour concluded with everyone sat in a cramped, dark World War II air raid shelter while an air raid was going on. Very realistic.

Afterwards we spent a couple of hours visiting Lichfield where some members went around the Cathedral.  A slight problem occurred on the return journey when the coach would not start.  However another coach soon arrived with some jump leads and got us moving again.  

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